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  • The Cut
    How to Prep Your Legs for Their Spring Unveiling When the temperatures in New York finally rose above freezing last week, I realized in a panic: It's almost bare-leg weather.
  • ELLE
    The Two-Second Trick to Better Skin and a Boosted Mood When you glance in the mirror to see a sallow complexion and a furrowed brow staring back at you, it's easy to lament that you don't have time for a full-on facial or proper meditation.
  • USA Today LIFE
    Let us help you look cute — not crunchy with these 12 Earth Day style picks Tomorrow is Earth Day, which means you probably want to reduce that carbon footprint of yours and take some time to honor the only planet we've got.
  • ELLE
    Why Giving Up Shampoo Was Ultimately Way Too High Maintenance I only had to learn what "no poo" was to commit to it right then and there. It was June 2013, and the act of doing away with shampoo entirely — and instead cleansing locks with backing soda…
  • Rodale's Organic Life
    Essential Canning Tools Simple canning begins and ends with having the right equipment. Below are some great tools to get you started.
  • Rodale's Organic Life
    No-Plastic Food Containers Waste management has become a legitimate scientific pursuit. Researchers at the University of Georgia recently released a study stating that in 2010 alone about 8 metric tons of plastic entered our oceans.


  • Mother Nature Network
    Rodale's: A new online shop for tested green products From the venerable, eco-consicous publisher comes a new place to find great gifts, fairly made jewelry, natural beauty products and sustainable fashion.
  • dwell
    Webshop We Love: Rodale's Look no further than online shop Rodale's for a well-edited selection of eco-friendly items. Products span clothing to kitchenware to bedding, all selected because they're manufactured in a responsible manner.
  • Nicki's Random Musings
    Start the New Year Right with Superfoods from Rodale's For months my husband has been telling me how much he wants to start eating better and every time I get healthy foods to review on the blog, suddenly he has a case of amnesia and forget that he wanted to start eating better in the first place.

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