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Our Manifesto

We bring together the best in organic living to make it easy for everyone to live a happier, healthier life

We believe in feeling comfortable and stylish no matter what our size or shape

We believe in feeling free to express our true selves

We believe in working hard, playing often, and remembering to pause and feel grateful for it all

We believe that when products are made with integrity, we can change the world

And we believe that when we do it all with love, we can make life better for everyone

We believe that nature deserves our respect and our goal is to live in harmony with nature

Our Values

We care how it makes you feel

When you are shopping, that’s always where it starts. That fresh shade of lipstick that glides on perfectly, moisturizing and nourishing your lips. That cashmere sweater you want to live in every day because it feels so good against your skin, and you know it was made to last…because it has lasted! That hand made kitchen tool that makes your work easier, and your pleasure greater, giving you the confidence to cook real food with love.

We aim to sell what makes you feel amazing, inside and out.

We care how it's made

Once you’ve discovered something you love, isn’t it nice to know that it will be good for you, and for the planet? Sustainability is a big deal to us, both in the way a product is created, and in how it’s used. We cultivate close relationships with our vendors and seek products that meet our stringent criteria for responsible sourcing and safe for you ingredients, from organic fibers and foods to environmentally friendly production practices, including minimal packaging. And by offering beautiful, high quality products, we hope you will treasure them over time, rather than replace them each season.

We do all the hard work of making sure it's made right, so that you can just enjoy shopping.

We care where it comes from

Whether it’s a handmade blanket from a trip to Peru or your grandmother’s blueberry pie, when you know where something comes from, and who made it, that something becomes more meaningful. More valuable. And it can encourage you to be thoughtful in how you use it. We feel that sentiment and care should be extended to the people we work with and buy products from, so we strive to ensure that we partner with businesses that support human rights, social justice, uphold ethical and fair trade systems, and offer fair wages and safe working conditions, whether it's in China or in America. Everyone deserves to be treated with integrity.

We believe everything is local to someone, somewhere.

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